German analysts say Vettel as a scapegoat is unjustified: "You see the truth now"

15-07-2020 17:17 | Updated: 15-07-2020 17:58
German analysts say Vettel as a scapegoat is unjustified: You see the truth now

Ferrari already had a difficult weekend during the first Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring, but Charles Leclerc knew that with a good race to give some color. A week later the drama with the double failure was really complete and it became painfully clear how slow the current car is.

According to Felix Görner of RTL Germany, Ferrari's current engine lacks 40-45 hp compared to the other engines. But that wouldn't be the only problem with Ferrari's car. According to the Germans, the SF1000 is also seriously lacking in other areas, which also explains the lack of speed at Sebastian Vettel. That would not only be due to the four-time world champion.

Upgrades on the Ferrari barely work

"The wind is now coming from a different direction", is the analysis on the German transmitter after the Styrian Grand Prix. "Up until now, for example, the errors were always sought at Vettel. That's nonsense. A four-time world champion doesn't forget how to ride. Now you see the truth. The truth that the SF1000 is a faulty design."

"And the upgrades don’t work. Vettel says the upgrades maybe gave them about 0.1s per lap and they had hoped for much more because the gap is much bigger. Rumors say the gap to Mercedes is around 1s per lap", says Görner.

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