Binotto pilloried by Italian media

14-07-2020 16:42
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Binotto pilloried by Italian media

As if the weekend couldn't get any worse. After yet another disastrous qualifying session both Ferrari cars crashed into each other, resulting in a double elimination. After no explanations about Ferrari's bad results, rumours continue to circulate. Especially for the position of Mattia Binotto has been much to do in the Italian media, after last weekend.

Mattia's strange role

Mattia Binotto is not only team leader but also technical coordinator of Ferrari. A role that doesn't occur very often in Formula 1, because these are usually two separate positions. According to Daniele Spariscide on the italian site, the problem lies mainly in this division of roles: "Twelve months Binotto has put enormous energy into political battles: the reform of 2021 has been postponed until 2022, the expenditure ceiling, the new Concord Pact". "Finally, there is the difficult Fia investigation into the 2019 engines that was concluded with a secret agreement and the consequences of which are now being paid for. For the almost certainty is that most of the problems stem from the fact that the aerodynamics and chassis were built at the power level of the old power unit".

"Monday in Maranello there was a long briefing to find the configuration for the Hungarian GP, but Sunday was already a turning point of the season". So the Italian press does not see the future of Ferrari as positive, especially if it is difficult to upgrade the engine during the coming season. "A miracle cure is needed to "resurrect" the SF1000, which was born very badly".

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