Problems solved at Mercedes already: ''No one's heard about it''

13-07-2020 18:43
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Problems solved at Mercedes already: ''No one's heard about it''

Mercedes had major gearbox problems during the Austrian Grand Prix, but drove to a 1-2 finish as usual during the Steiermark Grand Prix. Have the problems been solved during the second weekend?

The Red Bull Ring is a heavy circuit for many cars. The kerbstones don't make it easy to complete 71 laps on the circuit in Spielberg and certainly during the first race on the circuit in 2020 this was noticed. Mercedes, however, seemed to be relieved of all problems during the second race, allowing Lewis Hamilton to drive to victory.

Another title for Mercedes?

''No, today that wasn't a problem. The men have done a great job this week to find out the problem. It wasn't a big problem, but it was one with big consequences. So the mechanics did a great job and didn't hear anyone about the problem this weekend'', Hamilton said at the press conference.

Where Mercedes was vulnerable during the first race and finally crossed the line first and fourth, no team was able to really hurt the Germans in Austria. As a result Mercedes takes another big lead in the constructors' championship and with that the team also takes a big step towards the seventh title in a row.

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