Hakkinen: ''These are worrying times for Ferrari''

13-07-2020 18:27
by GPblog.com
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Hakkinen: ''These are worrying times for Ferrari''

While Ferrari could at least stay close to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing in recent years, in 2020 it settled for a place in the midfield. A tragedy for the team from Italy, which on Sunday made the damage even greater.

''Normally Ferrari has to be at the front, but that's not the case now. These are worrying times for Ferrari and then it doesn't help if drivers make mistakes. I've had a duel with my teammate before, that's never good. In my case, however, we were both able to cross the finish line," says Mika Hakkinen about his duel with David Coulthard in 1999.

Ferrari in trouble

''Unfortunately, this incident between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel meant they were out of the race immediately. I said before the start of the season that drivers are going to make more mistakes now and you saw that with Leclerc. He could never have caught up with Sebastian," the world champion of 1998 and 1999 said in his column for Unibet.

''This was just a mistake and it is professional of Charles that he openly apologized to Sebastian and the team. This was a mini-disaster for Ferrari, because they need those laps to find out why the car is not competitive. Ferrari is now fifth among the constructors after two races", concludes the Finn.

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