Hamilton has had one-on-one conversations with drivers who don't want to kneel

13-07-2020 07:35 | Updated: 13-07-2020 09:23
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton has had one-on-one conversations with drivers who don't want to kneel

Prior to the Styrian Grand Prix, the Formula 1 drivers knelt for the second consecutive week to show their support in the fight against racism. Most of the drivers knelt with some left standing for their own personal reasons. Lewis Hamilton says he will continue to talk with those who remain standing.

In the drivers briefing, prior to the race weekend, the moments before the race were discussed. Some drivers thought the one-off gesture during the Austrian GP was enough, but Hamilton wants the battle to continue.

"It seems that people of colour, for a long time, hundreds of years, their lives seem to be less important. So it's just trying to get through to people because some people put a wall up, a barrier up," Hamilton tells the BBC his reasons for kneeling again.

Hamilton is approaching colleagues

He believes that the younger F1 drivers will play an important role in this for the future because their reach is so great and he will not be active in the sport forever. Some drivers who knelt last week initially didn't want to do that a second time and others stood again. He has had a conversation with them.

"There are those who said they felt the Black Lives Matter movement seemed political and I've made it clear I am not supporting the political side of things; it's the human rights side," Hamilton added. 

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