Verstappen happy to rest after Hungary: "Don't just think about F1"

13-07-2020 07:05 | Updated: 13-07-2020 07:28
by Matt Gretton
Verstappen happy to rest after Hungary: Don't just think about F1

Due to the corona crisis, the F1 season 2020 has been drastically shortened, but also more intense. Racing takes place almost every weekend and because the teams have quarantine periods, they are away from home for a very long time. Max Verstappen is therefore happy that there is a moment of rest after Hungary.

"It's good that it's all in Europe at the moment as that makes travelling a bit easier. But I do think that after three or four weeks, it's good to have some time off. Not only for the drivers but especially the mechanics, you know, with a family. Otherwise, they could file for a divorce and you don't want that to happen!," Verstappen said. 

Verstappen also needs relaxation

Even after a long break from the 2019 season, it's important for everyone to have breaks and get away from F1. In August, the schedule will only get more intense. Four Grands Prix will be held in one month. Two on the Silverstone circuit, one in Barcelona and one at Spa Francorchamps.

"It's good to visit family and friends and that it's not only F1 in your head. Sometimes you need to relax and think about other stuff, because F1 is not everything. It's part of your life but there are other things you have to do," said the Red Bull Racing driver at the press conference in Austria.

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