Villeneuve enjoyed qualifying: "Lovely to see Verstappen drive like this"

11-07-2020 20:54
Villeneuve enjoyed qualifying: Lovely to see Verstappen drive like this

During a rainy qualifying session, like this afternoon, the driver's true talent comes to the surface. Jacques Villeneuve only believes that the car makes the biggest difference in the rain, making Lewis Hamilton the fastest today.

In a dominant way Lewis Hamilton took pole position this afternoon on the Red Bull Ring, with an impressive 1.5 second lead over Max Verstappen. "It was a great qualifying session for Hamilton, but his car is very good," said Jacques Villeneuve at Sky Sports F1.

"Verstappen made another attempt to catch him, but you could see he was struggling to keep his RB16 under control. Lewis on the other hand hardly had to make any corrections to keep his car under control, because that means his Mercedes is very strong", explains the former F1 driver.

Car makes the difference

The Canadian is of the opinion that the car makes a huge difference in the rain. "It's always said that the difference is made by the driver in the rain. I think the car still has the biggest impact, even in the pouring rain."

Villeneuve, who has had a lot of criticism on Verstappen in the past, enjoyed the Dutchman this afternoon. "It was a real treat to see Verstappen driving like this during his last attempt in Q3. He really put everything on everything and tried to squeeze everything out of his car", Villeneuve concluded.

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