Organisation GP Russia wants to organize race with spectators

11-07-2020 08:05
Organisation GP Russia wants to organize race with spectators

With the addition of Mugello and Sochi on the 2020 calendar, the counter now stands at ten races in 2020. The first Grands Prix are being held without an audience, but if it is up to Russia, the Russian Grand Prix will be the first race with an audience. The race, which will take place on the 27th of September, should therefore also be open to the public.

"It will be an incredible festival for as many fans as possible", says promoter Alexey Titov to "The number of spectators remains at a good level year after year and we are sure that this year's problems will not be an obstacle for motorsport fans".

Plan under development

In order to make a race with an audience possible, a huge number of safety requirements have to be met. After a race weekend no contamination of the coronavirus has been found and the FIA and F1 would like to keep it that way. Titov therefore indicates that the organization in Sochi is busy with a plan to make a race with an audience possible.

The first number of races on the calendar are without an audience, such as the races in Austria, Hungary and the two Grands Prix in Silverstone. However, the organization in Sochi still has enough time to come to a worked out plan. "We are working closely together on a plan to be able to receive spectators safely here", Titov concludes.

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