Vettel positive about Friday's performance: "It's much better than last week"

10-07-2020 20:21 | Updated: 10-07-2020 20:54
Vettel positive about Friday's performance: It's much better than last week

It's not a great year for Sebastian Vettel. The German has to look hard for a seat for next year and the start of the season isn't great either, but according to Vettel the car feels a lot better than last weekend.

Despite nine drivers who didn't make it to the finish during the Austrian Grand Prix, Vettel hasn't been able to score a large amount of points. At a crucial moment German driver Carlos Sainz tried to overtake, but ended up in a spin.

For the Styrian Grand Prix it doesn't seem to be going very well either, with a sixteenth place for Vettel during the second Free Practice, which could possibly be the starting position. Still, the driver of Ferrari is a lot more positive. "The car is much better than last week. If you look purely at the times it isn't great and a time away from me. Some drivers already have this possible qualification for tomorrow", the driver said to the press in Austria.

Another car

"From our side, the most important thing was to look at the upgrades we brought with us. So step by step we've put new parts on it and it looks positive. I think we still have to look carefully and find the best window, where the car is the best", the German continues.

Still, Vettel realises that he needs to get into a better rhythm, especially after last weekend. "Fortunately the car feels better now. The whole day it felt like another car. Of course I hope it stays that way", concludes Vettel.

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