Albon: "Verstappen clearly comfortable, so maybe I can learn something from him."

10-07-2020 17:51
Albon: Verstappen clearly comfortable, so maybe I can learn something from him.

It was a positive day for Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen talked about a clearly improved balance. Yet Alexander Albon still had some problems with that. He doesn't rule out peeking at his neighbour for some clues.

"We've been getting a bit creative and trying some different things compared to last week's running here", says the Thai after second free practice. "Some of the changes worked and some didn't, so it's a bit of a mixed day. The weather for tomorrow is obviously a bit of an unknown so let's see what happens and if we're even driving, as every time it's rained here it's been a monsoon."

Two spins for Albon

Albon couldn't reach an absolute top time during VT2 and finished seventh, just behind Lewis Hamilton. Contrary to Verstappen, Albon spun around a couple of times, just like last week. Luckily he was able to continue both times.

"Late in the session I pushed a bit too much on the exit of the corner, nothing serious, and lost the rear. Max obviously had a good session and is comfortable with the car so hopefully we can learn a little bit from his side of the garage and take a step forward."

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