Ocon over joyed: "Working with him is a fantastic measure for me"

10-07-2020 16:22
by Louis Shaw
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Ocon over joyed: Working with him is a fantastic measure for me

Esteban Ocon already knows who his new teammate at Renault will be for next season, Fernando Alonso. The 23-year-old Frenchman is delighted with the arrival of the two-time world champion at his stables and is looking forward to learning from him.

"I'm very happy to have Fernando as a teammate. Working with a legend like him is a fantastic measure for me," said the Renault driver to Motorsport-total.com.
"Fernando has a strong relationship with our brand and if you look at the success he has had with the team, it's fantastic. But if he joins us, we have to create something new. He has a lot of experience and can certainly bring it in to further develop the car," said Ocon.

Difficult opponent

Ocon is not afraid of Alonso, who has a reputation for being difficult: "I don't know anything about that, because I wasn't part of the teams he worked with. I know Fernando as a very cool guy," he stresses. 

"We've talked a lot and sent each other messages. Now of course again. So I know he's very interested in taking the project forward. We talked about the future and our chances when the field got smaller. I think if we work well, we can achieve a lot."

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