Sainz happy to return Alonso: ''The best drivers belong in Formula 1''

10-07-2020 08:10
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Sainz happy to return Alonso: ''The best drivers belong in Formula 1''

With the return of Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz will no longer be the only Spaniard on the grid in 2021. With his move to Ferrari, the spotlight is already on him and Carlos is happy to share it.

''I'm glad that Alonso is back, because that means that there is more attention to Formula 1 in Spain. His return is good news, because the best drivers belong in Formula 1 and Fernando is definitely one of them. I think we are going to have a lot of fun with his return," said Sainz at the press conference in Austria.

Battle for the world title

In 2021 Sainz himself will drive at Ferrari and will want to fight for the world title. In 2021 that's not yet Alonso's goal, but it will certainly be in the long run. The Spaniards could eventually fight each other for the title, which makes it all even more exciting.

''Fighting for the world title with Alonso, I've never really thought about that. It's clear you have to fight the best for the world title, but against Alonso it might be worth even more. It would be rare and unexpected for both of us to be in a car to compete for the title, but I'm not ruling anything out'', Sainz concludes.

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