Ecclestone has advice for Red Bull: 'Get Vettel back now'

09-07-2020 19:53
Ecclestone has advice for Red Bull: 'Get Vettel back now'

Sebastian Vettel is still without a team in 2021 and his separation from Ferrari came a bit unexpected for the German driver. Many seats are already foreseen in 2021, but of course there is still room to slide. What will Vettel do? He is often associated with Red Bull Racing, where he won his four world titles, but that team is occupied with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. However, that doesn't definitively rule out a return.

Return to Red Bull

The rumors don't lie: Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, would have ears for a return of the 'prodigal son'. Shortly after, the rumour surfaced that Mateschitz had ordered Helmut Marko to retrieve Vettel. Marko denied that again afterwards, so it's all a bit uncertain.

Sebastian Vettel, at least he doesn't completely rule out a return himself. He had it recorded earlier that he wasn't dirty from the Red Bull cockpit. If it ever comes the future will teach us, but as always, former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone also has his say on the latest rumors: do it!

Bring it back now

At, Ecclestone shared his vision of the story. According to the Brit, it would be a handy move for Red Bull Racing. This is because Vettel is anyway a good driver with world titles and that name is of course very useful for marketing purposes.

Or in the words of Ecclestone: "If I were Red Bull, I'd get Sebastian back right now. Both from a sporting point of view and from a marketing point of view." But as already indicated, the team would have to put Alexander Albon aside and that might sound easier said than done.

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