Albon clearly: "Would do it again next time"

09-07-2020 17:01 | Updated: 09-07-2020 19:16
Albon clearly: Would do it again next time

Alexander Albon saw his chance of a victory evaporate after he came into contact with world champion Lewis Hamilton during the Austrian Grand Prix. The Thai has no regrets about his overtaking although he stands empty-handed as a result.

Opinions were divided about the failed overtaking action that cost Alexander Albon at least the podium last weekend. Should the Red Bull Racing driver have waited a while for a DRS zone or did he dive into a gap that was not there? In any case, Albon himself has no regrets. In the press conference with, among others, he looks back on the incident.

"I'd do it again next time. It had to be done. You can't wait any longer because we had a tire advantage", the driver is clear. He didn't feel he had to wait for the straight with DRS.

Albon not angry at Hamilton

The Thai is not angry at world champion Hamilton who was punished for the collision and the British lost a podium place. "I'm sure Lewis didn't do it on purpose. That's what I can say about it. Now on to a new weekend". They didn't talk about the incident, by the way: "I didn't talk Lewis about it, there wasn't much to say I think".

Team mate Max Verstappen indicated at an earlier stage that he also thought Hamilton did not do it on purpose. This weekend the Red Bull guys will have their hands full with Hamilton as there is still a big gap to close with the German team in qualifying.

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