Verstappen sees opportunities in Austria: 'Then we can beat Mercedes'

09-07-2020 15:52 | Updated: 09-07-2020 16:03
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Verstappen sees opportunities in Austria: 'Then we can beat Mercedes'

The Steiermark Grand Prix is on the agenda and Max Verstappen hopes to do better there than during the first Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. Despite the failure, Verstappen has confidence in his team.

During the Austrian Grand Prix Red Bull came back to the hotel with a hangover after Alexander Albon and Verstappen had not reached the finish line. A big disappointment for the team that started the season with such high expectations, but already has to catch up.

Verstappen wants to beat Mercedes

''We've made a step forward, but Mercedes may have done even better. We're faster in most corners, but the balance wasn't right'', Verstappen said at the press conference. The Dutchman isn't worried about the championship yet, though.

''I'm not saying we can beat Mercedes in qualifying, but in the race I think there's a chance to narrow the gap to Mercedes'', says Verstappen according to The pace seemed to be there for Verstappen, so the question now is mainly to what extent his Red Bull can finish the race.

During the press conference Verstappen also got a question about racism and the fact that the Dutchman stayed put when many drivers went down on their knees. ''I've already explained this on Twitter and Instagram and I won't go into that again'', concludes Verstappen.

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