Marko saw irritated Verstappen after the race: ''He was very angry''

09-07-2020 15:09
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Marko saw irritated Verstappen after the race: ''He was very angry''

The atmosphere after the Austrian Grand Prix was not too good at the hotel of Red Bull Racing. Both drivers didn't make it to the finish and that wasn't the start they hoped for. However, Helmut Marko looks ahead with a positive outlook.

"Max Verstappen is very angry and I understand that. He has to blow off some steam with the karting and then we can start again on Friday. Hopefully we'll give him another car with which he can go on the attack'', says Marko to Sport24. But the question is whether the problem is solved at Red Bull?

Angry Verstappen

''The parts have been flown over to Japan and there they have analysed the parts'', says the Austrian. ''In qualifying we were five-tenths behind Mercedes, but in the race we showed we had the speed. Alexander Albon could have just won that race," Marko is still angry with Lewis Hamilton.

''Hamilton should never have gone off the gaspedal there. He had Albon next to him and he could see that. The FIA has already been thinking about the current rules in F1'', said Marko who is positive by the weather. ''We still have some new ideas and will fight back. The weather is interesting with rain on Saturday, although the weather in Spielberg is never as predicted'', concludes Marko.

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