Verstappen critical of himself: "I need to get that under control"

07-07-2020 20:31
Verstappen critical of himself: I need to get that under control

Max Verstappen seems to have everything under control as a Formula 1 driver, but he doesn't lack any self-reflection either. He's certainly not perfect and there are character traits of which he thinks he can do better. Things he has been criticised for in the past.

As a Formula 1 driver, Verstappen doesn't just conduct interviews about the road holding of his car or his favourite cornering combination. Every now and then fans also want to find out something personal about their sports hero. In conversation with for example, he admits that aggression is something he has to work on.

More cautious about Ferrari

"There are always things you try to control," he responds to the question of which aspect of his behaviour he would like to get a better grip on. "For example, to be overly aggressive is not a good thing. You have to set a limit for yourself. I'm a passionate person and sometimes a little too ambitious. I need to get that under control."

On the track this aggression translated into unnecessary mistakes at the beginning of the 2018 season. That's almost not happening now, but last year he took the anger of Ferrari and the whole of Italy when he openly accused them of cheating. He was right afterwards, but since then he has been more cautious when it comes to the Ferrari power source.

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