RB16 no faster than 2019 car despite updates: "Verstappen effect still counts".

07-07-2020 12:31
by GPblog.com
RB16 no faster than 2019 car despite updates: Verstappen effect still counts.

At the table with Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint both have shined their light on the performance of the Red Bull Racing car of 2020. During the Austrian Grand Prix both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon could have won, but compared to last season the RB16 was slower in Spielberg.

"Mercedes did fine and was even faster than in 2019", judged Van de Grint in the latest episode of Slipstream. However he is less positive about the shape of the RB16 during the first GP at the Red Bull Ring. "Remember that Red Bull has remained the same despite the update of the front wing which only had Verstappen. Honda also had an update".

Red Bull must thank Verstappen

Next, the tyre specialist who also has a past in Formula 1 cites a point he has already mentioned in his analyses. "The "Verstappen-effect" still counts. They didn't do too well." Van de Grint had hoped that Red Bull would have been able to close the gap to Mercedes in recent months, but for the time being that's not yet the case.

He does want to stress that the new car of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon isn't a bad car. "On the other hand they do have a good car. In the end both drivers could have won on Sunday. If they can both win, it also has to be a good car", Van de Grint says.

Criticism of Haas F1

A team that, like Mercedes, was faster than in 2019 was Racing Point. With a spoiled Mercedes car from last year, the British race stable was extremely competitive. However, many teams are critical of 'copying' that Racing Point. "You hear everyone say that they have a bad feeling about it and that they want to protest against it, but do that", he is critical of teams like Haas F1. "I don't agree with all of Red Bull's protests either, but at least they do. Like a Steiner is yammering, but he doesn't do anything else. He's just screwing up that Haas F1 car", he refers to the fact that Haas F1 also gets a lot of parts from Ferrari.

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