Brawn praises Norris: "He was one of the protagonists of this GP"

06-07-2020 17:17 | Updated: 06-07-2020 19:12
Brawn praises Norris: He was one of the protagonists of this GP

It was the surprise of the first Grand Prix in 2020, Lando Norris driving his McLaren to the podium. Due to the penalty of Lewis Hamilton and the fast lap of Norris at the end of the race, the Briton was allowed to go to the podium in Spielberg for the first time. As a result, McLaren finished 2019 with a podium in Brazil and started 2020 with a podium in Austria.

Ross Brawn praises Norris' performance. "After a long stop, it's great to return with an exciting Grand Prix. One of the protagonists was Lando Norris. In the first year he couldn't really get out of the shadow of his experienced teammate, Carlos Sainz, but he proved himself in Austria on Sunday".

Hopeful future with Mercedes

Norris was able to catch up with Sergio Perez in the closing stages of the race in the open air, enabling him to complete a number of fast laps within five seconds of Hamilton. "His last few laps, in which he had to close the gap with Lewis to take advantage of his penalty, were exceptional and really great to see. He's driven himself to the podium," Brawn said in his column.

Brawn indicates that the second podium for McLaren is good for their future. "They're an evolving team that's getting stronger and stronger all the time. In addition, they have a hopeful future for them with the Mercedes engine," concluded Brawn.

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