Hamilton disagrees with Horner: It felt like a racing incident

Hamilton disagrees with Horner: "It felt like a racing incident"

05-07-2020 16:47 Last update: 17:30

For Lewis Hamilton, the weekend looked good in Austria. That changed quickly with a grid penalty on Sunday morning and the race itself didn't go to plan either.

It seemed Hamilton would claim second place just before the end of the Grand Prix, but due to a time penalty that wasn't to be the case. In front of the camera, the Brit is asked if he is disappointed.

"I don't have a certain feeling at the moment. The race is over and I'm just looking ahead now. Of course it hasn't been a good weekend for me. What happened yesterday was totally my fault, it was certainly a bit weird. But well, it is what it is and that grid punishment only motivated me to give everything. I think I did, I had enough speed to close the gap with Valtteri.

"Then came the very unfortunate moment with Alex. I can't believe we were making another contact with each other, but it really felt like a race incident. I accept any punishment I get and will focus on next week," explains Lewis Hamilton to Sky Sports F1.

Problems for Mercedes?

During the Grand Prix, Hamilton was also told that he and his teammate were no longer allowed to drive over the kerbs, with big consequences if he continued to do so.

"I don't know what happened to the car during the race. Normally if you drive over the kerbs too much you get problems with the suspension, but that wasn't the case now. That's why I don't know if they can fix it for the race next week. But I won't be surprised if they succeed, it's a group of very intelligent and skilled people," concludes the reigning world champion.

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