Lando Norris after surprising P3: I'm so proud of the team!

Lando Norris after surprising P3: "I'm so proud of the team!"

05-07-2020 16:15

Lando Norris started the Grand Prix of Austria from third position. However, the young Briton would not have thought that he would finish on the podium.

Norris to the stage

"I'm really speechless. There were a few points in the race where I thought I'd really messed up. I fell back to fifth place with a few laps to go, Carlos almost passed me. But I managed to catch up and I went past Perez and I finished on the podium. It was a long race, but I kept going and I kept giving everything. A couple of really cool last laps, so I'm a little out of breath now. I'm so happy and so proud of the team, considering where we were a couple of years ago. I'm proud to be part of it," said Norris.

"When I had to get past Sergio, I knew he had a time penalty of five seconds, but nothing more than that. Every time I got close to other cars, I got into trouble with the guys behind me. So I had to overtake him quickly and then it became clear that Lewis also got a penalty. I then started pushing to close the gap. I'm here now and I'm very happy to be here," the young driver concluded.

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