Drivers will not kneel together: 'That was sensitive for some'

05-07-2020 09:38
Drivers will not kneel together: 'That was sensitive for some'

Over the past few days, the drivers have been talking several times about how they want to express themselves in the racism debate. For example, they talked about kneeling together before the race, but not all drivers were immediately enthusiastic about it.

Daniel Ricciardo tells a little bit about how things went in those conversations. He stresses that all drivers are 100% behind the fight against racism, but not everyone feels comfortable kneeling down before the race.

No kneeling, do T-shirt

"There were just some difficulties with some drivers and their nationality and what kneeling means to them. We listened to all their opinions and we're not going to put anyone in a difficult position with this".

The drivers may therefore express themselves according to their own interpretation. Ricciardo will therefore not reveal who is involved. He thus joins Carlos Sainz, who calls the conversations 'private'. However, the drivers have agreed that they will all wear T-shirts with the text 'end racism' before the race.

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