Calendar of 2021 may look different, flyaway races remain uncertain

04-07-2020 13:45
Calendar of 2021 may look different, flyaway races remain uncertain

Het coronavirus heeft veel invloed op de kalender van de Formule 1 in 2020. Terwijl sommige races werden geschrapt, rijden we soms twee keer op hetzelfde circuit achter elkaar. Chase Carey heeft laten weten dat ook in 2021 het virus nog veel invloed zal hebben op de kalender.

The rest of 2020

“I think in the next few weeks we will look to land, certainly at least another chunk of the calendar, ideally we’d like to land the whole second half of the calendar”, Carey told the official F1 website.

“There are a number of races we already know will be on the calendar. I don’t want to get into piecemeal addressing it, I’d like to address it holistically. But to lock the dates in we really need to figure out what other races will be on it”, he continues.

Flyaway races and 2021

The so-called flyaway races are still very uncertain. Also in 2021 it will be difficult to plan the races. "There is probably going to be a distinction between countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, other south-east Asian countries plus New Zealand, possibly Australia, where the infection rate will be down to zero, and those other countries where they did not lockdown where there will still be a residual infection rate", says FIA medical advisor Professor Eric Caumes.

"So being in the south-east Asian countries would represent no risk at all for the F1 community, but on the other hand, we would probably not be welcome there", continues Caumes.

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