Marko responds to 'defeat' DAS system: "This is not what we hoped for"

04-07-2020 10:03
Marko responds to 'defeat' DAS system: This is not what we hoped for

Helmut Marko reacted Saturday morning to the news that the stewards have decided to throw Red Bull Racing's protest about the Mercedes DAS system to the wastebasket. The 77-year-old Austrian was disappointed with the stewards' decision, but he reacted sporty.

"We wanted clarification, and it's been given now", says Marko in conversation with ORF. At the Austrian television station, the man from Graz states that Red Bull now knows where it stands. "It hasn't turned out the way we hoped. However, it is now clear to us."

Does Red Bull come with its own DAS system?

With the Austrian team there were a lot of questions about what was and what wasn't within the regulations. According to team boss Christian Horner, the team of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon may eventually come up with a similar DAS system, so they now know exactly within which lines it should be coloured.

Marko is a bit more careful in his words. "Now we have to consider whether or not we're going to make it, even if it will only be for a few races", he says. At Red Bull they are going to keep a close eye on Mercedes' DAS system in the upcoming sessions on the Red Bull Ring. "We'll look at it today or tomorrow to see how the system works."

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