Horner: "Today's times don't indicate what we're really up to."

03-07-2020 16:47
by Adam Newton
Horner: Today's times don't indicate what we're really up to.

Although the kerbs have been removed in most places on the Red Bull Ring, it still looks like many drivers have their front wings broken. In the latter sector, the yellow kerbs have been removed, but there are still several cases where damage has occurred. This is also the case at Red Bull Racing, where damage was sustained due to the high kerbs.

That's what Christian Horner tells Sky Sports F1. "It's hugely frustrating to go wide in that corner. Those kerbs are pretty intense," Horner says. He's referring to the kerbs at turn six, just in front of the original orange stand. "Max (Verstappen) noticed those high kerbs on his first run."

No realistic picture on pace

"It's hugely frustrating to have to abort that run. Times don't indicate how we really stand". The Red Bull drivers managed to finish near the front of the field in the first practice session, but in the second practice session they were a bit more in the midfield. That won't happen for the rest of the weekend, expects Horner.

It wasn't just at Red Bull that there were problems around the kerbs at turn six. McLaren also had problems with Carlos Sainz. "We also saw the front wing at McLaren today. You shouldn't hit that kerb this year." So Horner has learned a lot from Friday's practice and despite the spins that both drivers had, he doesn't worry. "At least those spins had nothing to do with the wind". Horner didn't want to let us know what it was about.

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