Wolff doesn't want huge discussion: "Think Horner's making the right choice"

03-07-2020 14:23 | Updated: 03-07-2020 15:14
by Matt Gretton
Wolff doesn't want huge discussion: Think Horner's making the right choice

Due to the huge break between the winter test and the first race of the season, the DAS system seems almost forgotten. This is just not true for Red Bull Racing, but Toto Wolff hopes that the team will not take any measures.

During the second week of the winter test Mercedes suddenly made an uproar. The team suddenly came up with a revolutionary system in Barcelona: Dual Axis Steering. By moving the steering wheel backwards or forwards, it was possible to adjust the angle of the tyres.

Mercedes has indicated that they want to use the system in Austria, but it didn't take long for Red Bull Racing to indicate that in that case they will make a protest. Wolff understands that threat. "It's the first race of the season and I understand on one side that they want clarity. On the other hand we just don't want to end up with a huge discussion on Sunday," the team boss told Motorsport.com.

Controversy and innovation

"I think Christian Horner will make the right choice. Controversy and different perspectives on innovation have always been part of Formula 1. This is what we can expect and it is also part of the risk," concludes Wolff.

The Red Bull team has also thought about implementing the DAS system in its car. Whether the team will really use the system depends on the results, according to Horner. "It depends on what it actually does and what it achieves. That will probably be clarified this weekend. 

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