Vettel: ''We've never been strong enough as a team to beat Mercedes''

03-07-2020 08:02
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Vettel: ''We've never been strong enough as a team to beat Mercedes''

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020 and as it seems, the German will do so without having achieved a world title with the Italian race stable. 'Failed', that's what Vettel calls it.

Vettel has failed

''From the day I came in here, we've done everything we can to win the title. We managed to do that in a couple of seasons, but then we couldn't win the title. If you look back on that you can say that I've failed and we all actually failed'', says Vettel at the press conference in Austria.

Also in 2020 Ferrari does not seem to be at the level to compete for the title right from the start. ''We have set ourselves a goal and if we are honest we have not yet achieved that goal. On the other hand, no session has been held yet, so I think it's a little early to write us off already.''

Mercedes wins

However, with a calendar that is not yet fully presented and in any case fewer races on the calendar than would normally be the case, it is a question of being there right away. Missing points during the first number of races can be fatal for your chance of winning the world title.

''Halfway through the season we joined last season, but in the end we were beaten again by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. In the end we have not been fast enough so far and our team as a whole was not good enough to beat Mercedes'', concludes the Ferrari driver.

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