Glock on Verstappen: "I saw his talent right away"

02-07-2020 13:25 | Updated: 02-07-2020 13:40
Glock on Verstappen: I saw his talent right away

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock expects a great battle this season between Mercedes veteran Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull Racing megatalent Max Verstappen. Glock immediately saw the talent of Verstappen.

Number 1

"I think it's likely", Glock answers F1-Insider's question if the title will go between Hamilton and Verstappen. "Bottas must be out of Lewis' shadow, but I think it is difficult. At Red Bull, Verstappen is clearly the number one driver for me."

Fewer and fewer errors

As a former F1 driver with several podium finishes, Glock immediately saw the talent of the young Verstappen. "His special talent was already to be seen in karting and then in Formula 3. He made a few mistakes in the beginning, but gradually minimized them."

"This is what best distinguishes him: that he learns from his mistakes and then takes the next step. It was and is actually the incredible speed that makes it so special. I think he will be ready for the title this year if he has the car for it", Glock ends.

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