Will Red Bull Racing be short of parts for the Grands Prix?

02-07-2020 07:59
by GPblog.com
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Will Red Bull Racing be short of parts for the Grands Prix?

This weekend Formula 1 will finally start again with the Austrian Grand Prix and once started, there seems to be no end to it. The question now is whether teams can handle this series of races?

For the time being there are eight races on the calendar in a time frame of ten weeks. Also for the period after that many races will be crammed together in a short period of time in order to still achieve a complete Formula 1 calendar. However, this is a logistical nightmare for teams that have to make enough spare parts.

Too few spare parts?

''That can be a big problem for anyone, because you're completely dependent on development. You don't want to give in on your performance, but you also need to be able to make enough parts for that update. Austria is already a difficult country with the kerbs, because a lot of stuff will break down," said Pierre Wache in the preview of Red Bull Racing.

The technical top guy at Red Bull knows that Red Bull is already coming up with a new package in Austria and they've been working hard on it. ''The calendar hasn't been fixed for a long time, so then you don't know what will come. You don't want to produce parts for nothing. So you have to wait, but that also increases the risk,'' concludes Wache.

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