Marko: "Limitation of driver's salaries is crucial"

01-07-2020 15:29
Marko: Limitation of driver's salaries is crucial

From 2021 we will see budget limits in the teams. The salaries of the drivers are not included. However, due to the corona crisis, many teams have run into financial problems, which may mean that the sky-high salaries of top drivers can no longer be met.

Money doesn't necessarily have to come from teams.

According to Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko, the large teams often know how to find a way to meet the requirements of certain drivers. For example, he thinks that large sponsors might be able to help pay.

"If Mercedes doesn't pay that salary, someone else will", says Marko to Auto, Motor und Sport when asked if Lewis Hamilton can still receive 40 million euros a year. "For example, Petronas will transfer a little less money directly to Mercedes and a little more to Hamilton."

salary capping

"That's why a cap on driver's salaries is crucial. The qualities of drivers are now becoming more decisive for success, and with that the drivers will also become a lot more expensive. We need to do something about that as soon as possible. Of course we have to respect current contracts", says Marko.

And the latter is especially good for Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who signed a new deal with Red Bull towards the end of last year. The young Dutchman is fixed until 2023 and will earn around 35 million euros a year.

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