Marko doesn't see a third grand prix on Red Bull Ring happening

01-07-2020 13:28
Marko doesn't see a third grand prix on Red Bull Ring happening

The 2020 Formula 1 season has taken shape thanks to a double race in both Austria and Great Britain. In those countries it turned out to be the easiest for Formula 1 to organise races in the short term. However, what happens after August is still a bit unclear.

The coronavirus is still growing in other parts of the world (especially North and South America), so alternative options are being considered within Europe. Because the Red Bull Ring seems to have its affairs in order and after the coming weeks the experience, a third race on that circuit would also be an option.

Helmut Marko excludes that at Servus TV however. "We also had an existing contract with Liberty Media regarding this Grand Prix. It had to be changed considerably", according to Marko a third race on the Red Bull Ring is therefore not planned. That simply wouldn't be worth the trouble.

Moreover, Formula 1 already has enough alternatives in mind. Not only in Europe with circuits like Mugello and Portimao, but also with races in Asia and America. Something that does lead to some surprise at Marko. "China is absurdly enough already fixed," says the Austrian.

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