Verstappen: "Mercedes is strong but I really think we're stronger"

30-06-2020 19:12
by Editorial Team
Verstappen: Mercedes is strong but I really think we're stronger

Although it will be quite a challenge, Max Verstappen thinks it is possible to beat the reigning champion Mercedes AMG F1. The Dutchman knows that Mercedes is very strong but is also convinced that Red Bull Racing as a team is stronger.

Remarkably, in the same Red Bull preview of the upcoming race in Austria, Verstappen indicated that he has no idea where he and his team stand now in the competition. Verstappen adds that he does know for sure that Red Bull is stronger than Mercedes when looking at the whole team.

Verstappen wonders if 2020 will be the first real chance for him to take the world title: "I hope so, but it's so hard to say. Of course I'm sure we'll do everything we can. Mercedes will still be the team we have to beat."

Red Bull a better team than Mercedes

"They [Mercedes, ed.] are still very strong and it will be very hard to beat them but I think we as a team learned a lot last year and we are stronger. There will be good races coming this season so I will try to close that gap to them. It will be a nice challenge to try to beat them."

If the Red Bull Racing team of Verstappen is really stronger than Mercedes, all that remains is the harmony between the Honda engine and Newey's chassis. Then the title battle will come to a fair fight between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen.

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