High kerbstones in Austria past tense? "There will now be detection points"

30-06-2020 16:57
by Editorial Team
High kerbstones in Austria past tense? There will now be detection points

Several team bosses already said in the past weeks that because of the tight schedule around the first Grands Prix this season, it is very important that there is as little damage as possible. The past few years have shown that Spielberg is not one of those circuits where little damage is done. This has all to do with the kerbstones around the circuit, which are therefore adjusted.

In recent years it was often seen, a front wing that broke because a driver shot outside the track. The driver ended up next to the normal kerbstones on the higher kerbstones, which can be seen several times in Austria. Last year it even hit three times in the first 90 minutes.

Detection points instead of kerbstone

That's why it has to be changed and according to team boss Andreas Seidl, of McLaren, it has already happened. "As far as we know, the high kerbs have been reduced in turn nine and ten. Last year it was really a feast of damage to the front wing there," Seidl told Auto, Motor und Sport. In that corner the drivers arrive very fast. The two corners in question are also the last two corners of a lap of Spielberg.

The fact that the high kerbstones go away doesn't mean there won't be anything on the outside of the last two corners. "Instead of the high kerbstones there will be detection points in the kerbstone to see if a driver has gone off track," Seidl said.

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