Leclerc: "The Ferrari will be the same to the one in Australia"

30-06-2020 12:11
Leclerc: The Ferrari will be the same to the one in Australia

Ferrari did not come across very competitive during the winter tests and that works in favor of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. The eyes are mainly on those two teams, who will make it out on the track this year. But Ferrari also remains a party to be reckoned with, especially after it was previously reported that they would have 15PK extra in Austria, which was later denied again.

Not being able to work

The key question for this weekend is where Ferrari really stands with the SF1000. In the meantime Charles Leclerc tempers expectations somewhat, as he states that the car is little different from the one they had in Australia. At Sky Sports F1 the Monegask says: "I don't think the car will be different, during the lockdown the F1 paused and we couldn't work on the car."

Because Italy was severely hit by the pandemic, it was Ferrari who quickly closed the doors of the factories. They already had a disadvantage in that respect, despite the fact that the factories of the other teams closed not much later. So the further development was at a standstill for a long time, hence the subdued expectations. "It will be quite the same, if not entirely to Australia's."

The goal for this year is "to try to take all chances and go for the best possible result. Throughout the year we have said that we will see it at the first race. We haven't driven yet, so we'll see it in Austria", that is, only then can we really draw conclusions.

"There is a lot of determination, the desire to do well, especially to drive the car. I just want to do it well and concentrate on myself to get the best possible result", says Leclerc, who sounds a bit hesitant about the performance of the SF1000, in which he will drive the first race this weekend.

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