Black Mercedes design was on Hamilton's request

30-06-2020 10:40 | Updated: 30-06-2020 12:07
by Editorial Team
Black Mercedes design was on Hamilton's request

Mercedes enters the 2020 Formula 1 season with striking black livery. All this to support the fight against racism, but according to an Austrian source, this idea did not come from Mercedes itself.

Monday afternoon Mercedes surprised with the message that in 2020 they will not drive in silver, but in black. Mercedes thus supports Lewis Hamilton in his fight against racism and inequality in the world and in this case specifically, also in F1. However, Mercedes would not have come up with the idea itself.

Hamilton had the idea

Where Mercedes had first posted some messages on social media, Hamilton wanted more. According to the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, Hamilton would have spoken to the German directors during a media event in Vienna. Hamilton wanted more from Mercedes than just some messages on social media.

Hamilton's comment would have made the snowball roll, after which Mercedes came up with a whole new livery on Monday. In addition, the livery is only a signal from Mercedes, where it also speaks out to do more and invest in the fight against racism and inequality.

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