Zanardi has had his second surgery today

29-06-2020 18:31
by Editorial Team
Zanardi has had his second surgery today

Alessandro Zanardi, former F1 and CART rider, was seriously injured on Friday 19 June after an accident with his handbike. Since then, the former rider has been in an artificial coma in the hospital and it remains to be seen how he will get out of this situation. Since his condition was critical but stable, the hospital waited until this week for further steps.


Today, neurosurgeons did another surgery, the hospital reported via a news item. This operation was necessary after an earlier CT scan on Monday. "It showed an evolution in the patient’s state which made is necessary to have a second neurosurgical intervention."

"After the operation, which lasted about two and a half hours, Alex Zanardi was re-admitted to intensive care, where he remains under sedation and intubation: his condition remains stable from a cardiorespiratory and metabolic point of view. Serious from a neurological point of view and the prognosis remains reserved."

On the basis of this operation, the hospital will continue to monitor the condition of the Italian and a new update will follow in 24 hours. Since this operation has been done, the plans to get him out of his coma seem to have been shelved. This was mentioned earlier, the hospital would consider it today. Maybe after the earlier mentioned CT scan, which eventually led to a second operation.

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