"Force relations next weekend will remain instant for a year and a half."

29-06-2020 15:36
by Editorial Team
Force relations next weekend will remain instant for a year and a half.

McLaren had a very good 2019 and finished fourth behind the top teams. Zak Brown is happy with the development but thinks that a step to the top three is still too far away. According to the boss of the English team, the differences between the teams stay the same until 2022.

Next weekend and the week after, there will be two rides on the Red Bull Ring and the balance of power will become clear. According to Zak Brown, the differences that will become clear next weekend will be equal to the balance of power for the next two seasons.

This is mainly because with the new set of regulations the teams will no longer be able to develop the car indefinitely. For example, the teams will also have to drive next year with the same chassis, which means there is a good chance that the top teams will be out of reach of the midfield.

Brown speaks to Auto, Motor und Sport about this: "That danger exists and that's what worries us. The new rules limit us to develop further so the image of the upcoming races will also be the image for the next two seasons".

It doesn't have to be a bad thing for McLaren as they performed well in the winter tests and finished fourth in the constructors' championship in 2019. McLaren's CEO expects another exciting battle in midfield: "I think more teams could be fourth this year than last year." He doesn't even rule out Williams.

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