Brundle believes in Vettel's return: ''I think he'll fly in 2020''

29-06-2020 10:56
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Brundle believes in Vettel's return: ''I think he'll fly in 2020''

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020, that far is certain, but what impact this will have on the 2020 season is still incalculable. How will Vettel deal with the fact that he has to leave Ferrari?

Vettel outsider in 2020?

"I think Vettel will fly in 2020. In the past, he has paid very little attention to team orders with Webber and Leclerc, so he certainly won't be interested in that now. He will drive for himself and show what he can still do. He will want to stay in F1, but where can he go'', says Martin Brundle in an interview with

Where many think that Vettel will succumb to the pressure, Brundle has more confidence in the four-time world champion. ''He hasn't lost his speed yet and I wonder what that will bring in 2020. Leclerc is the man for the future of Ferrari, but Vettel will now want to prove them wrong. You're a little persona non grata when you leave.''

Where's Vettel going?

It's a situation that will affect three teams in 2020. Vettel will soon be out of talks at Ferrari, but so will Carlos Sainz at McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo at Renault. Still, Brundle doesn't think Vettel will be affected by this, but on the contrary will perform better than ever.

''I really think he will fly in 2020, but where can he go? Is he happy with those four titles and will he go to his family? If he can move on to another team, I think he will'', Brundle concludes and Johnny Herbert adds: ''It's an ideal position for Vettel, because now that he's leaving he has nothing to lose and there's no pressure on his shoulders at all'', concludes the Sky Sports reporter.

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