Alonso back to Renault? "I told him to do it''

29-06-2020 09:27
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Alonso back to Renault? I told him to do it''

Will Fernando Alonso be back in Formula 1? It is one of the most important questions at the moment. The Spaniard is still preying on his third world title, but is that still achievable?

Is Alonso coming back?

Pedro de la Rosa saw up close in 2007 how destructive Alonso can be for a team. De la Rosa was then active as a test driver for McLaren and saw the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Alonso become increasingly fierce. However, Pedro is a big fan of Alonso and hopes to return to F1.

''Honestly, I have no idea if he will return. It's a personal decision he has to make, but I hope he comes back and I've told him so. The best drivers have to drive in F1. An exceptional driver can always do something extra with a Formula 1 car'', says De la Rosa to Marca.

Alonso compared to Messi

De la Rosa compares it to soccer. "It's like Lionel Messi is going to Granada. With all due respect I'd rather that he plays soccer there, than that he is not active in Spain or that he plays indoor soccer. I feel the same way with Fernando'', concludes De la Rosa who may be positive about a step to Renault.

The French team seems to be the only option for Alonso in 2021. The Spaniard has lost his chances with most of the top teams and could now be a front-runner option for Renault that Daniel Ricciardo sees leave at the end of 2020. However, it remains to be seen whether Alonso makes sense here and whether Renault is in the mood for Alonso.

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