Todt doesn't want to blame anyone for Australia. "It all happened so fast"

25-06-2020 18:02 | Updated: 25-06-2020 18:31
Todt doesn't want to blame anyone for Australia. It all happened so fast

Formula 1 was about to start the season in Melbourne in mid-March, when the plug was pulled at the very last minute. Where other sports had already drawn that conclusion long before their event, there was disagreement and doubt in Formula 1. FIA President Jean Todt now says you can't blame anyone for that.

The Australian Grand Prix was about to begin, when one of McLaren's COVID-19 mechanics was diagnosed one day before the free practice sessions. At first half of the teams were still planning to race, but in the end it was Mercedes who made the decision and cancelled the race.

“I think it is very unfair to attach blame to what happened in Australia,” said Todt to Sky Sports F1.  “Things were moving so quickly. You know that 24 hours before the start of free practice there was no reason not to do the event. The government was in favour of hosting the event and the organisers were also in favour; the promoter, the local motorsport federation, everybody was [in favour]."

Todt continues by stating that most parties really only changed their minds at the last moment because in the hours before the first free practice suddenly a lot more information became known. In the end it was only Red Bull Racing from the big teams who wanted to continue with the event.

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