'Ferrari denies update of 15 hp for engine in Austria'

23-06-2020 18:59 | Updated: 23-06-2020 18:59
by GPblog.com
'Ferrari denies update of 15 hp for engine in Austria'

The big question ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix is whether Ferrari can compete with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. During the winter tests in Barcelona the Italian race stable was quite disappointing. Some updates are needed to reduce the gap, but they don't seem to be introduced on the Red Bull Ring yet.

In the Italian media there were a lot of rumours last week. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are said to have an extra fifteen bhp available in their engine, but Formula 1 writes on its website that Ferrari denied this news.

"As has the suggestion that the narrow gearbox has proved insufficiently stiff and will have a new bulkier casing here", we can read further. So the question is to what extent the Ferrari differs from the winter tests we are going to see in Spielberg at the beginning of July.

Major updates will follow later in 2020

By now the factory has been open for a while and the necessary simulations have already been done. Especially in the field of aerodynamics Ferrari still had a lot of progress to make and according to the aforementioned medium this seems to have worked out reasonably well. "The key aero surfaces will likely be subtly different, but the bigger developments are further down the road."

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