Green: "In case of violation, we can be excluded from an event"

22-06-2020 17:16
Green: In case of violation, we can be excluded from an event

Starting this season, more and more parts will be frozen step by step in order to reduce costs. As many parts will be homologated until the end of the 2021 season for cost reasons, it must be ensured that only these parts are used.

Special team

Racing Point goes a step further and has chosen to set up a dedicated team for this purpose. "It's pretty complicated", says technical director Andy Green about the new system against

Some parts have already been frozen in Spielberg, others will be frozen on September 30th. Each team will also get two tokens to give them at least a little room for development. "Managing this is quite complex and therefore requires some resources", says Green.

"From the first race until the end of 2021 we will have a team that will take care of the management of the homologated parts", says Green. "We can use the teams that don't design new parts.

Breach of the rules

A violation of the new rules can be severely punished. Green also knows this and says that Racing Point is extremely careful. "If we break the rules, we are basically excluded from the event."

A mistake like that is quickly made, according to Green: "All you have to do is take an approved part, rub it with a file and change it and then put it back on the car - and you've broken the rule. It can be so draconian."

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