Green: "That's why it's hard to plan what we need"

21-06-2020 12:29
Green: That's why it's hard to plan what we need

Starting in 2021, there will be a number of new rules in F1. According to Racing Point this means that in 2020 the cars will be faster than in 2021.

Changes in 2021

From 2021 there will be less wind tunnel time available, there will be more homologated parts and teams will have to cut back on the aerodynamic concept for 2021. All these changes will have a big effect on the teams in Formula 1. Racing Point therefore thinks that because of the changes the 2020 cars will be faster than those of 2021.

Updates in 2020

Homologation is the only subject that keeps the engineers busy. The other subject is aerodynamic development, but that remains free. Racing Point comes to the start in Austria with the package that was planned for Melbourne. Another update will follow in the middle of the season. "It's the update we originally planned for the fifth race, Barcelona in May", said Andy Green to Auto Motor und Sport.

Green also says Racing Point will come with a special package for the high speed circuits in Spa and Monza. "We need to rethink our original plans. We don't know what races will come after Spa and Monza. That's why it's difficult to plan what we need", says Green.

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