De Vries picks out F1-driver: "He's the fastest driver I've raced against"

16-06-2020 20:13 | Updated: 16-06-2020 21:41
De Vries picks out F1-driver: He's the fastest driver I've raced against

Nyck de Vries is impressed by Charles Leclerc. The 2019 Formula 2 champion claims that the Ferrari driver is the fastest driver he has ever driven against. The 25-year old driver from Sneek does find it difficult to make a comparison between Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

"He is the fastest driver I have raced against", says De Vries about Leclerc during a conversation with Helden magazine. According to the Formula E driver of Mercedes, the young Monegask is the most all-round driver of the moment.

"He distinguishes himself from a 'good' rider by his excellent adaptability." Leclerc knows how to deal with changing situations on the job. This may have to do with the weather turning over or with a sudden virtual safety car. De Vries does, however, argue that he never took on Verstappen himself, so it is difficult for him to make a comparison.

De Vries about Hamilton

Hamilton's qualities will also be discussed during the live interview on Instagram. "He's extremely fast. Unfortunately it will be difficult to compare, we will probably never find out who the ultimate driver is", De Vries refers to the fact that Hamilton, Verstappen and Leclerc all drive for a different team in Formula 1.

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