Ferrari makes steps despite coronabreak: ''About 15hp extra with new engine''

15-06-2020 12:41 | Updated: 15-06-2020 13:32
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Ferrari makes steps despite coronabreak: ''About 15hp extra with new engine''

Ferrari didn't seem to be able to start the Formula 1 season too well, because during the winter tests the team looked to be behind both Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. In the meantime, however, the team have worked hard to close this gap.

From data from the winter tests it became clear: Mercedes is still the team to beat, with Red Bull at close range. However, Ferrari turned out to be further away and gave up more than half a second on the number one. So work to be done in Italy, who reportedly have not been idle.

Ferrari goes ahead reports that there will be a new car at the start of the Austrian Grand Prix, where several points have been improved. A lot of work has been done on the engine, but also the chassis around the gearbox has been improved. The latter was especially important for the lack of reliability during the winter tests and also the understeer problem should have been solved.

According to the Italian medium, work was also done on the engine itself. With a new Ferrari engine in the back of the car, there should be an extra 15hp for the drivers, which would make the top speed higher than in Barcelona. The aerodynamic updates will have to wait a little longer and we will probably not see them until the second race in Austria.

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