Grand Prix of China might go on anyway: 'We're in talks with the F1'

15-06-2020 09:24
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Grand Prix of China might go on anyway: 'We're in talks with the F1'

In China, the coronavirus storm has certainly not yet subsided, but that doesn't stop Formula 1 from holding talks for a possible Chinese Grand Prix, later on the calendar in 2020.

The Chinese Grand Prix was the first to be cancelled in 2020, as the coronavirus originated in the Asian country. Last week the country again had to deal with a peak in the number of contaminants, but even that setback can't stop Formula 1 from talking about one, but maybe even more races in China.

Still racing in China

''The FOM has asked us if we can organize two races on our circuit. We haven't made a decision yet and we're mainly looking at the situation surrounding the pandemic'', says Xu Bin on behalf of the Shanghai Sports Bureau opposite Shanghai People's Radio.

While Japan and Singapore have already been cancelled in the region, Xu doesn't see it as a problem to race in the country where the coronavirus broke out first. ''Despite the fact that a lot has changed, we have received a lot of support from sports associations and agencies to get started. We want to hold events again in the second half of the year, although we remain dependent on the pandemic'', concludes Xu.

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