Ricciardo praises Hamilton's performance: "I'm not sure I could do that"

13-06-2020 09:40 | Updated: 13-06-2020 12:00
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Ricciardo praises Hamilton's performance: I'm not sure I could do that

Daniel Ricciardo thinks it's very clever that Lewis Hamilton has managed to win the World Championship in Formula 1 six times. The 30-year old driver doesn't know if he would have been able to do this himself and also states that it's starting to tickle for him to win again in the pinnacle of motorsport.

"What separates that little group, beyond the car, is the mental and physical ability to deal with everything this sport throws at you, week in, week out", Ricciardo said in an interview with Autocar. "It’s the days when your health isn’t so good, or you’re feeling a bit jet-lagged, or you’ve just had a bad week. If you can still get in the car and deliver on them, then you can be champion."

Ricciardo praises Hamilton

In that perspective, according to the Australian, it is also incredibly clever what Hamilton has shown in recent years by grabbing the world title six times. "That makes him special. Even if you argue he’s had the best equipment, that achievement is remarkable", the driver from Perth praises his rival. "To stay on himself year after year, to keep pushing himself, to take on the pressure of being the one we’re all hunting: that’s remarkable."

Ricciardo doesn't know if he could have done the same thing as Hamilton in his career. "For all my confidence – and I’m certain I could win a title against him – could I battle and beat him year after year? I don’t know. It’s some achievement, and it should be respected.”

Does Ricciardo regret leaving Red Bull?

Ricciardo left Red Bull Racing in 2018 to join Renault. He said it wasn't for the money, but because of the team he really believed in. He never dared to use the word 'sorry', but at least he missed out on winning.

I’m not the most patient person because I believe in myself. I’ve proved I can win races, and I don’t want Ricciardo endured a difficult first year with Renault to deny myself that feeling for much longer. It’s two years now since I won in Monaco, and I’m craving that feeling again", he concluded.

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