'Hockenheim will organize two Grands Prix in September'

12-06-2020 15:16
by GPblog.com
'Hockenheim will organize two Grands Prix in September'

Due to the disappearance of several Grands Prix the F1 is looking for other circuits that are interested in organizing a Grand Prix in 2020. The calendar now starts in July, with two races in Austria and in September Monza will organize the eighth race. What happens after Monza is so far not clear. However, there are already a lot of rumours about the course of the calendar.

F1 itself says that "a lot of progress has been made and that they are excited by the interest of new circuits". Some of these new circuits that are interested are Imola and Jerez. There are also circuits that have already been on the calendar, but also have a clear interest for a spot on the calendar. Hockenheim was on the calendar in 2019, but unfortunately it was missing in 2020. However, that seems to change now.

Many races in Europe

According to the BBC it is almost certain that two grands Prix will be organized and will be held in September. In addition, Mugello would be open to organize a race. Outside Europe the F1 is looking to Canada, to race in September. 

A double-header in Hockenheim will be a relief for many fans. The Grands Prix held there the past few times never disappointed and the most recent race in 2019 was even proclaimed one of the best races of the past ten years. Whether we will actually see Hockenheim back on the calendar has not yet been confirmed, but it looks positive that we will be racing in Germany.

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