Hakkinen: ''Mistakes are going to play a much bigger role in 2020''

11-06-2020 13:04
by GPblog.com
Hakkinen: ''Mistakes are going to play a much bigger role in 2020''

The Formula 1 season is about to start, but actually nobody knows where they stand. The winter tests are already in February and with that already four months back in time.

''There has never been a similar situation to the one we have now and in the short term that will only cause stress to drivers. There are fewer races so you can make fewer mistakes. Some teams will be able to achieve better results because of this," said Mika Hakkinen to Helsingin Sanomat.

Experience counts

Where Nico Rosberg thinks that today's simracers have an advantage, the two-time world champion thinks otherwise. "The men with experience now have an advantage. For them it's a small effort to get into that car, where the younger drivers will need more time'', says Hakkinen, who does aim for one important theme.

''Mistakes will play a much bigger role in 2020. Every race you have to get a good result, otherwise you can almost forget the title'', Surer adds to the words of Helmut Marko, who said earlier that every race counts and that reliability will be essential in 2020.

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