'Leclerc drops salary like Ferrari management; Vettel goes his own way'

10-06-2020 14:27
by GPblog.com
'Leclerc drops salary like Ferrari management; Vettel goes his own way'

Because the Formula 1 season has been drastically shortened, the teams also have less income this year. The big earners at Ferrari therefore decided to sacrifice 25 percent of their salary to accommodate the company. Charles Leclerc has indicated that he will do the same, but Sebastian Vettel has not.

Leclerc has joined a leading role in the team and delivers 25 percent of his salary this season, according to Il Giornale. It is a voluntary gesture of that Monegask who was in no way obliged to hand in money. Reportedly, it reduces his salary from around twelve million euros to nine to ten million euros.

Sebastian Vettel, who earns more than 25 million euros a year at the Scuderia, has decided not to give up any of it. On the contrary, he chooses to donate part of his salary to charity. Which allegedly also did not agree on the finances during the contract negotiations with Ferrari.

Vettel takes a similar attitude in this case as footballer Toni Kroos of Real Madrid. Who also chose to keep his full salary and then said: "Give us the full salary and then we decide to whom we donate it, there are people who need it more than the clubs".

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